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Elevated Dog Cat Bowls with Raised Stand, Pet Food Water Feeder Bowl, 15° Tilted Pet Bowl Stress-Free Suit for Cats Small Dogs

Elevated Dog Cat Bowls with Raised Stand, Pet Food Water Feeder Bowl, 15° Tilted Pet Bowl Stress-Free Suit for Cats Small Dogs

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  • 15° Tilt Design - 15°tilted platform, reasonable bowls height reduce stress of cats neck,arthritis or back, the best feeding posture and suits different cats and small dogs. The pet bowl offers easy eating and comfortable licking for your pet.
  • Perfect Raised Stand - Comfortable 3.1inch raised stand design lowers pressure of your pet's joints and stomach, the pet raised bowl also reduce the pet's neck burden and promotes the health of the digestive system.
  • Easy to Clean - The cat bowls are removable and easy to take it out to wash and keep clean. What's more, it's also convenient to add food or water. The simple design is also looks great in your home decoration.
  • Stylish and Minimalist - The line of the product shows that beauty of radian,adopting the round corner design and cartoon cat's head design,adding fashion and artistic sense,oval curved surface, suitable for cats and small dogs with different face shapes.
  • Premium Quality Material - The cat bowl is made of environmental PC material ,can be used safely and safely. The stand is made of ABS material which is more durable and stable when using, anti-skid pad design, prevents slips and spill, protects floor.

Product Description

  • (1). Quality and reputation are our life, Love Dream professionally produce high-quality, safe and comfortable pet supplies, focused on every detail of our products.
  • (2). Place the double cat bowl at a height suitable for the dog to reset and maintain the correct posture. When the head is kept above the stomach, food will replace the digestive tract more effectively.
  • (3). For a raised normal cat bowl, the base is raised and tilted 15 degrees to provide a comfortable steering angle and reduce the pressure on the cervical spine caused by the excessive top of the head when the cat eats too much.
  • (4). A set of double kitten feeders is designed for food and water at the same time; the transparent bowl is designed for direct monitoring of the cat's eating and drinking conditions.
  • (5). The cat double feeder has unique, stylish and simple features. The special design is also a good home decoration for pet owners.
  • (6). The shallow depth and angle make cat bowl easier for cats to get food, prevent beard fatigue and keep the face clean.

15° Tilt Design and 3.1 inch Raised Stand

15° Tilt Design-Effective protection of the pet's cervical spine, which helps to release the stress of your pet's neck.

3.1 inch Raised Stand-Cat raised the bowl to reduce the cat's neck burden and promote the health of the digestive system when eating

Disassembly & Cleaning

The bowls are easy to take it out to wash to clean, it's also convenient to add food or water.

Fixed + Anti-overflow

The bottom of the base has 4pcs anti-slip rubbers, which can prevent pets from sliding and tipping while eating, eliminating the pet's impact sound when eating. A slightly inclined surface prevents food from spilling of the cat bowl.

Feeding recommendations:
  • Wash cat bowl with warm water after use, do not use hot water
  • Because the dog bowl has a tilt angle, the water can't be loaded too much
  • Most cats recommend dry and wet food
  • The cats like to drink fresh and clean water, pay attention to add diligently
  • Tilted 15 degree design to protect the cat's cervical spine


6 Colors available: Double Clear, Double Black, Double White, Clear & black, Clear & White, Black & White.

Material: PC+ABS


Stand-L*W*H: 28*14*8cm(11*5.51*3.1in)

Bowl diameter-5.1"

  • Package Includes:
  • 2 Pet bowls with 1 base
  • Target-audience: Cats, Small Dogs
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